miercuri, iulie 27, 2005

Pardon us

Ei, da! S'a zamislit noua limba diplomatica, romleza.com. Cum se face? Se ia o fraza in romaneste, se cauta in dictionar.com echivalentul semantic, se face copy/paste si Hopla! iaca textul. In continuare, va invit sa radem cu gov.ro/english, acest Stan si Bran al webului romanesc (the subliniations are made by I). Taram, taram, taram, taram, taratatatam, taratatatam:

"The Romanian authorities are firm determinately to observe all the commitments undertaken during the negotiations where through the integration of Romania in the European Union be in progress on January 1, 2007," has assured today the Premier Calin Popescu-Tariceanu the ambassadors of the member states of the European Union, during the meeting at Victoria Palace.
"Our strategic objective is the same: to join the EU in 2007. We do not want to join in 2008, but in 2007 and we do all the efforts in this respect," specified the Premier Tariceanu during the meeting. "The reforms will continue and we intend to increase the rhythm in all areas according to the calendar. We will accord a special attention to the reform of the Judiciary System," added the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister has communicated to all the ambassadors of the EU states that, during the meeting of this week in Brussels, the Commissioners Gunter Verheugen, Olli Rehn, Neelie Kroes and Franco Frattini have appreciated the intention of the authorities to have a session of transparent consultations concerning the reforms' status from Romania. The representatives of the European Commission have appreciated this demarche as being an evidence of respect and mutual confidence.
The premier Calin Popescu-Tariceanu presented also the situation of the zones affected by the floods and has explained to them the manner in which Romania directs the allocation of the redirection funds' of the PHARE, ISPA and SAPARD programs. The floods of this year represent the biggest calamities from the last 30 years. The Government has taken already measures to assure the minimum conditions for the affected population and for the reconstruction of the vital communication connections.

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